My 2016

Happy new year everyone!
2016 went so fast! This year was really exciting and I had the chance to experience a lot.

The year started with my internship at Gerry Weber which I absolutely enjoyed and where I    found my inspiration for my future job. After that internship I was sure that I will work as a product manager one day and I started to work hard to achieve this goal.

So I went on with my next internship at Herr von Eden in Hamburg. This time was one of my biggest inspiration and experience so far. I lived alone for the first time, in my own flat, in a completely new city. I felt in love with Hamburg and I am still dreaming about living there one day. I started to get more self-confident and focussed on my goals and dreams in live.

After this internship-period I enjoyed spending time with my friends and family at home. Me, my best friend and my brother saw Macklemore. I went on vacation with my parents and my brother. We visited Italy and I enjoyed just to relax and having time just for me and my parents.

Again I visited Parookaville with my best friends which was my happy place. I just enjoyed the unbelievable atmosphere where I was able to feel free and forgot all my negative thoughts.

In September there was another Highlight of my 2016. I went to the Rihanna concert in Berlin with my Mum! I was not able to believe that Rihanna was dancing so close to me. Since I was a tiny girl, Rihanna has always been my idol. After the concert I met lovely Riccardo Simonetti. I will never forget his advice „always focus on yourself, on your dreams and on everything you like. Just post about these things. That will be your success.“



After that another exciting period started. I started my studies in Enschede!

The step of moving away from home into another city without knowing anyone is already a big step. I was always used to see my family and friends every day and then I had to move far away this summer into another country with a different language. I was so excited what will happen.

I can perfectly remember the moment, I went to my university for the first time. The whole building seemed to be so big and everything was really new.

I looked around and looked for some people who seemed to be sympatric. The funny thing is, that exactly these people of who I thought they were nice and with which I talked a lot at the first day, are my friends now.

I was nervous at the first day but the introduction week went really well and I met so many nice people with which I laughed a lot and the subjects which were presented, sounded so great. So I was really motivated to start my studies and looked forward to the coming time.

In my last post I already presented you my first project which was the dressing gown.


With my best friend I visited Amsterdam, at home I went to an Oktoberfest with my friends, I visited one of my longest and best friends in hamburg and I celebrated a great christmas and new years eve with my family and friends and I am so grateful for every single moment.


I am motivated to start 2017 with new energy, with more self confidence and with good ideas for coming projects.



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