Autumn Jumpsuit


Sometimes all you have to do is just to go outside and breathe. Breathe and think about the good things in life, everything which went well this year for example.

Visit a place where you can relax and stay positive. Don’t listen to any music, but to the nature. Put your phone in your bag or leave it at home, just for this moment of pure relaxation.

I realised that I do this not often enough. At the moment there is so much to do with university, thinking about christmas presents,  meeting friends and family at the weekend and trying to improve my blog.

Sometimes I wake up in the night, nervous, because of the fear that I forgot something to do, or I  can’t fall asleep because I realised what else I have to do.

When we took this photos in the forest, I realised how beautiful nature can be and how peaceful and relaxing this atmosphere in the forest was.

Memo to myself: Do that more often!

Jumpsuit: Edited

Choker: Primark

Shoes: Görtz



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