Throwback to my favourite summer outfit

I know – unusual photos and an unusual look if you realise it’s already mid-december.

But as I already described in my last blogpost, I hadn’t much time in the last months because I started my studies and I had to focus on that. But now, I would like to investigate more time in my blog.

These pictures were taken a long time ago this year, when the sun was shining and it was so hot, that it was hard taking pictures because I had to dry my sweaty skin every 5 minutes- ahh wishing these days back.

Lovely Lisa from Blog Lisaschnatz took these pictures of me because she wanted to help me taking pictures and to try out her new camera. She only had the possibility to stand in front of her camera before. I am still really impressed of the quality of these pictures. Thanks again, Lisa!

Even it is already winter, I did not want to wait to post my favourite summer outfit of this year.

My favourite piece of this look is definitively the jacket of Zara. I love the japanese print on it and its details. One situation was really funny, when someone at my internship asked me which fashion designer designed that jacket. He couldn’t believe when I told him that I bought the jacket from Zara.

The other pieces of my outfit are more simple because the jacket is that colourful.

I love to wear that linen trousers of “another stories” in summer because it keeps you really cool.

Jacket: Zara

Blouse: Dani

Trousers: Another Stories

Shoes: Pertini

Watch: Daniel Wellingtonimg_6068_1024img_6071_1024img_6072_1024img_6074_1024img_8066_1024img_8067_1024img_8073_1024


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