First project in university: The dressing gown

At the moment, it is not easy for me to blog regularly, because of my studies which just started.
The first quarter is done now and I hope that I am able to work on my blog more often now. Everything was new for me this quarter, I had to find a way how to organise myself.
I am studying Fashion & Textile management, where we have to do a lot of projects besides the exams.

My studies are in english, so I would like to start writing my posts in english.
Our first project was to find an inspiration and to create a fashion piece out of it. Before I started to study, I had two internships, both for 3 month. My last internship I had at the small company „Herr von Eden“ in Hamburg. They are producing vanguard and really fancy suits for men. Herr von Eden is always inspired by the gentleman of the 1930th / 1940th, so everyone who works at their company is dressed like they just jumped out of a Time Machine and just came out of the 1940th. For me, it was like living in a completely different world for three month.
Herr von Eden always tries to adopt the fashion trends of long ago times, like the Knickerbocker, Suit revers of the 20s, 60s, or 80s, Cigar Trousers and so on.
But for one fashion item they are really well-known: The dressing gown. Herr von Eden adopts the idea of dressing in high quality at home, like the gentleman of the e.g. 30th did to impress their woman.
Herr von Eden interprets the brocade and velvet fabrics in a new way and designs modern dressing gowns for the modern dandy. With this idea they found a market gap and they are still more dandies then I ever thought.

For me it was really inspiring to step into this gentleman world which always seemed like I was taken back into the past. It was so great to get a feeling of how elegant man once lived, how they dressed, in what they were interested, what kind of music they listened to. Herr von Eden just took the whole concept of this topic, so I got lost in it.
This company is really artistic, so I was always inspired by the new ideas of the Designer Bent Angelo Jensen, especially when I was able to help him with producing some samples and accessories or when I was part of the crazy and fancy photo-shooting.

But from the first day on I felt in love with their pretty dressing gowns. First I was confused and I asked myself if there are really people who wear this kind of clothing.
I started touching the wonderful material which looked so expensive because of the velvet and the beautiful brocade. From then on I could imagine that the gentleman used this piece of clothing as a symbol of their status. I wanted to know more of the history and this kind of living standard so every conversation with the designer and head of the company, Bent, was my biggest inspiration until these days.
After some weeks I got an idea how many customers they have who buy these noble pieces of clothing which are limited.
I started researching and found out that some Blogger and Dandys wear these dressing gowns as a streetstyle.
So I was more and more fascinated by the dressing gowns and now I am able to say it was my inspiration for my project.
I wanted to work with this inspiration by producing my own, individual dressing gown, by structuring my inspiration and by transfer this dressing gown and gentleman world to my own personality and style. So I am able to combine my own personality, characteristics and thoughts with this first (for me) unknown world of gentleman.
I had to produce a processbook of this inspiration and of the process of producing my dressing gown.
Here you can see some pictures of the result of my dressing gown.
Combined as a streetstyle and for staying at home.



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